Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Scotties One For The Memory Books

Hello. Congrats to Team Manitoba for an amazing win of the 2008 Scotties Tournament of Hearts. This team was lucky to make it to the tiebreaker. Once they did, they were unstoppable.
Many people talk about Jennifer Jones' final shot in the 2005 Scotties as arguably the greatest shot to win a curling championship. However, her last shot in the final was more impressive to me. She was facing 4 Alberta stones and had to go through a narrow port to get behind her only guard. It was the kind of shot most players would've been lucky to do once in 10 tries under normal circumstances. When it's a win or lose shot for a national championship, it's more impressive to me than what she did in 2005.
Shannon Kleibrink's last shot didn't look like it was there to me even if she hit it the way she wanted. We'll never know, because the line call was awful. I don't know what everyone was thinking on that shot. Maybe they had another shot still in their minds.
There were many great games in this event. Sherry Middaugh added some more Scotties demons by losing 3 extra end games to the eventual finalists. The curling overall was outstanding.
Good luck Team Jones in the Worlds!



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