Monday, March 24, 2008

No Good, Bad and Ugly At 2008 Women's Worlds

Hello. It would be easy to do my usual "Good, Bad and Ugly" for the 2008 Women's World Curling Championship. After all, the field is not very deep talent wise.
However, after watching Sunday's games, it's evident to me all these teams should be commended for just being here representing their respective countries. We should never take for granted how fortunate we are to curl in Canada.
Team Japan, who's doing quite well, moved to Canada to prepare for this event. Can you imagine going to another hemisphere to curl? Me neither.
Team Czech Republic has a member who lives in London, England. She goes back to Prague every other weekend to play. And is not sponsored. Would you do that to curl? Me neither.
Team Germany, in spite of winning the world championship and the higher profile of the Olympics, still has to get a transplanted Canadian to fill out the roster. Would you go to those lengths to fill out a team? Me neither.
Instead of watching this event wishing it was more, I'm looking at it realizing it could be much less. Good curling the rest of the way ladies!



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