Monday, April 09, 2007

Howard Kills World Field

Hello. My apologies for being away last week.
Well, my University of Waterloo golf team buddy Glenn Howard came through big time. If anyone ever doubted how good he or anyone else on his team is, this week should put that to rest. Of the many amazing stats Team Howard compiled in winning the world championships, two stand out:
  1. The team (at every position) averaged 90+% for the week. Mike Harris said it best - it's a great game if every player did that for one game! Doing it as your average mark is unbelievable. To show how far curling has come along, Al Hackner was thought to be tremendous in the '85 Worlds curling 80%.
  2. The team did not allow a steal the whole week. No steals! I'd be happy to do that for a game. To be in a position where you cannot take at least one point is unheard of. That means your front end in particular has to be setting up the ends so there are no roadblocks for your skip when he has last rock.

What more can I say Glenn? Congrats on a tremendous championship performance.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

You certainly hit the nail on the head, Steve.

And who said nice guys finish last?

When I was a kid in highschool, my Mother insisted I take up curling (as a means of getting me out of her hair for a few hours a week). And while I did enjoy the game, what I enjoyed more was the tremendous company out there on the ice. And no greater company could be found than Russ and Glenn Howard.

Of course, little did we know then what heights the Howard brothers would reach, but during our time in school, while always looking forward to curling a couple of days a week, that excitement was tempered with the knowledge that one would also be hanging out with some truly fun guys ..., Russ and Glenn first and foremost.

Curling was always fun, but enjoying such fine company as the Howard brothers presented was equally as rewarding. And to see the heights both Russ and Glenn have reached ..., well ..., it couldn't happen to two more deserving, and genuinely nice guys.

Both guys are an inspiration!

I only wish Forbes Stewart was around to see this ..., it would tickle him pink, I'm sure. (Forbes was an awesome curling coach we had back in highschool, and a true gentleman).

Way to go, Glenny ..., you've done us all proud !!!

1:23 PM  
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